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We sold a version without the keyboard, printer, and display, and with only 1k or RAM for $175. I have been corresponding with a fellow AIM user and he had never heard of the Seawell group up in Seattle in the late 1970's so I put up a couple With a TTY, a paper-tape punch and reader can be used to store and retrieve your program information on paper tape. Click here to view comments about other Rockwell computers.

Well, the Rockwell AIM 65 is just such a beast. The Model 0400 display module features a bright, crisp vacuum fluorescent 40-character alphanumeric display. Hoping to hear from any and all soon! Some new in the box and some used.

Extensive I/O capability provides an RS-232C asynchronous communications interface channel with programmable data rates of up to 19,200 baud for terminals or modems, plus a 20 ma current loop TTY interface, Here's a shot of the thermal printer, right there on the board. This technology ist 25 years olt. Design engineer Robert Wilson talks about its development.

Please protect your email address by obfuscating it (i.e. When I was hired I was given a complete set of manuals, an AIM 65, and a phone. Source code in text was written twice consecutively to the input tape, and then the assembler, which could start/stop the input cassette tape using motor control was invoked. stated that the monitor was by itself almost worth the price of the AIM-65.

In 1981 Rockwell introduced an improved model with a 40 character display as the AIM-65/40. It concluded that the computer was "an excellent value at the $375 needed for minimum configurations".[2] Programming[edit] PL/65 was a programming language designed and implemented by Rockwell International for the AIM-65.[3] After searching the web for specific threads about the AIM-65, I noticed that some people are attempting to resurrect these early development systems. browse this site Rockwell were well known for their defense contracts in helping to build aircraft that fought in World War 2, The Korean War and even for the Apollo spacecraft and Space Shuttle

Real-time in-circuit emuation, up to 4 MHz. A full line of support mudules, macro assembler, link editor, and high level PL/65 language are also available. Three keys labeled ATTN, RESET, and PAPER FEED have dedicated lines to the interface connector. If you have a vintage, classic, antique or collectable computer, game or related item(s) for sale or trade please consider using the fee free Vintage Computer and Gaming Marketplace Please be

Add this card to increase your RAM by a total of 64K bytes (512K bits, non-volatile). http://www.computinghistory.org.uk/det/25227/Rockwell-AIM-65-computer/ The "Little-Board" came with software for the AIM 65, or the Commodore PET using BASIC 3.0 or 4.0, and a 4040 disk drive. The box came crammed full of documents for the system including a test-print from the thermal printer. (Submitted May 29, 2015 08:44:29 by (a href=mailto:delgado)EDDy(/a)) I'm for looking the printer thermal Best wishes Christoph Hauser (Submitted December 6, 2005 09:13:41 by Wayne) Where can I buy a AIM65 Rockwill computer (Submitted November 14, 2005 23:31:57 by Henry Unger) I would love to

I've added some comments to the section above and will now go on to a new tool I've been using since I returned to PC repairs. Mail me for pictures. (Submitted February 22, 2011 15:11:31 by Arthur Billings) I have a lot of parts for the AIM 65 microcomputer system. If the thermal printer was turned on, this would be output on a single line. Available hardware included a floppy disk controller and a backplane for expansion.

The four edge-card connectors are labeled: Parallel Serial TTY Expansion From the Rockwell "Interactive" newsletter, issue no. 5: Rockwell International will shortly be introducing the AIM 65/40. Most of my initial attempts will be to place online some information about the Rockwell AIM-65 that might be in sparse supply. The monitor included a number of service routines that could be accessed and used by a user's program to control I/O and code execution, and was fully documented, including source code. Also Sysinfo.dat file states that "Would suffer from support for intelligent terminals as tty equipment."[4] References[edit] ^ a b c "AIM 65.

If the thermal printer was turned on, this would be output on a single line. It is time consuming but it does work! Breakout T-shirts!

It managed to achieve this by incrementally starting and stopping the tapes as the code was typed and then transferring it from one tape to the other.

I have not found my chips to be bad after all these years except for the problem mentioned below- I have noted that some of my sample chips that were protected External expansion can be realized with the Rockwell "Microflex 65" expansion chassis, seen to the right. Retrieved June 23, 2006. ^ Sysinfo.dat file of MESS, it can found here: http://www.progettoemma.net/mess/extra.html External links[edit] Rockwell AIM-65 computer at oldcomputers.net AIM-65 at Old Computer Museum http://www.obsoletecomputermuseum.org/aim65/ http://www.old-computers.com/museum/computer.asp?st=1&c=58 http://www.8bit-homecomputermuseum.at/computer/aim_65.html Retrieved from It's a demo unit in its own suitcase, and has traveled the world-over extolling the virtues of the Rockwell AIM 65 computer system.

These children deserve a space which is engaging and instructive, where they can feel a sense of adventure, exploration and surprise! All versions exploited the unique printer that made the system look like an old fashion cash register. Yes, it's plugged into the correct expansion slot! All the socket pins looked fine but on careful inspection of the solder side, I noted one pin not protruding above the bubble of solder.

Some have complained about the 2114 RAM chips going dead even while sitting on the boards in storage. In the 70's and 80's, Rockwell was a major aerospace, automation, and semiconductor manufacturer. Five hardware breakpoints per target, 32-bit wide with "don't care" bits. This board will work with almost any 6502 based system which has the necessary I/O capabilites.

I've recently added a second AIM-65 system to the collection. The AIM 65/40 Model 0600 graphics printer module consists of an intelligent microprocessor controller integrated with the printer mechanism. The piece of wire hanging over the board is the paper roll support for the built-in printer. During the first pass the symbol table was built and stored in RAM.

I am focusing on that product line again and would like to act as a mediator for all things AIM 65. This one works but is very hard to do unless one has access to a known good board. The old solder sucker still has its place for me but when I need to heat up a whole chip for replacement, I normally use this new method.